Book Review: Nice Girls Finish Last by Natalie Anderson

Wow! Long time no see. :( I've been reading a Discovery of Witches for a whole week. Don't know why it took me so long to re-read it. Anyways. Read on!

To be quite honest, I thought this was gonna be crap. It was ok, actually! (better than ok.)

First Impression
So the cover is kind of. Um. You know. Crappy. HAHAHA. So I didn't have high expectations. So I just kept reading and reading. Let's just say, I wasn't impressed just by the summary or the cover.

I barely knew what the characters looked like!! Same issue as a lot of the books but I guess the relationship was more important right? Oh. And sex right after ten minutes of talking? I don't know if sexual attracting can be that sizzling. Right?

I mean, come on. I know the author let the relationship carry on AFTER the sex, but it didn't seem special, and it just seemed physical. I'm glad it was addressed though. It made the ~love~ seem more believable?

I love dirty history. God. I loved the background stories of the two main characters!! It makes it worth a second read. I thought the dirty history was gonna be some stupid thing, but it was actually pretty bad! I really liked that. Mmmhm. Two thumbs up.

One Sentence Review
Don't let the crappy cover and ten-minute-talking-lets-fuck first few chapters fool you, this book can worm it's way into your heart.

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